Outdoors sportwears by O3 Ozone.

Founded in 1997, O3 Ozone is known as Russian manufacturer of high-technological garments for active sports.

The O3 Ozone fundamental mission remains unchanged since 1997: developing and producing the best apparel for active and outdoor to satisfy specific requirements of athletes. Our product presents a perfect combination of latest fashion trends, environmental friendliness, usage of high-quality materials and innovative production technologies.

During development stages, technical design specialists test apparel on professional athletes in real-life situations.

Thermo underwear, cold conditions clothing, waterproof and wind block garments produced by O3 Ozone are chosen by people for long-term accommodations in extreme weather conditions and for high-intensive physical activities. O3 Ozone apparel is in a high demand among professionals, beginners and outdoor enthusiasts.

The product line of O3 Ozone brand presents today a broad assortment of technological equipment for various outdoor activities: extreme sports like alpinism/mountaineering, alpine skiing, rock climbing, sport tourism, multi races; active outdoors like hunting, fishing, family tourism, walking tourism and even morning jogging.

O3 Ozone company also produce apparel for individual and corporate orders: we equip ski resort instructors and rescuers, create unique team gears for sports, corporate uniform and safety clothes.
Our company participates and supports different regional and federal contests, endorse professional athletes (many of them are also appeared as a part of O3 Ozone team).

O3 Ozone team is the concord of high-skilled atheletes which represent a wide range of outdoor activities. Members of our team as active users of products help us to develop and enhance O3 Ozone apparel.

Production department
phone: +7-863-223-06-14
adress: Pravovaya st. 24, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 344091

Sales department
phone: +7-863-226-72-76, +7 928 779 9194
adress: Stachki st. 227А, 2nd fl., Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 344091